MYMS – Rehearsal, Bandstand Concert, Summer Concert, 2nd General Meeting, Future Dates

We have a couple of complicated weeks coming up during which I will need your help and understanding.

Rehearsals on Friday [17 June]

On Friday 17 June, Invicta GS are holding their Alumni Event throughout the afternoon and early evening, which is celebrating their 75th Anniversary as a school and 50th anniversary on this site.

As a consequence, MYMS cannot use the main Hall, the Canteen, the Drama Studio and the main school entrance.

We will use the Orchard Block as our main base and everyone will have to enter the school using the underpass under the main block from the bottom car park.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SCHOOL’S MAIN ENTRANCE TO GET TO MYMS – we are hoping to have signposts to help you use the alternative route to the Orchard Block

The good news – MYMS Voices [massed choir AND core choir], the Concert Band, the Alpha Band and the Double Bass Project all stay put in their usual locations.

The changes for the 17th

  • Beta will have to be in the music classroom [H7];
  • Orchestra for All will be in the Auditorium;
  • MYWO, the Youth Strings and our ‘green room’ [including tuck shop] will be on the ground floor of the Orchard Block;
  • the Youth Orchestra will be in the Auditorium.

I’m sorry – I know this is not ideal.  The sound-proofing between the rooms in the Orchard Block will be a problem and percussion, music boxes and music stands will have to be collected from the MYMS trailer in the Albion car park, next to the astroturf playing area.

We will use one of the ground floor double classrooms in the Orchard Block as our tuck shop, office, waiting room, place to store your coats, bags and instrument cases and eating space.

Please note that, with so many guests attending the school’s Alumni Event, parking on the 17th is also likely to be difficult.

Bandstand Concert on Sunday [19 June]

On Sunday 19 June 2016, we are holding our Bandstand Concert at Brenchley Gardens.

The concert will start at 3:00 p.m.students to arrive between 2:30-2:45.

This concert is for all players in Alpha, Concert, Beta and MYWO [NOT MYMS Voices, Youth Strings, Orchestra for All or Youth Orchestra], although of course all parents and players are welcome to support the bands and enjoy the sunshine in Brenchley Gardens;  more details below.

There are more sections to this email below with more details about:

  • Summer Concert – Friday 24 June – 7:30 p.m. – Invicta GS – for MYMS Voices, Youth Strings, Orchestra for All, Youth Orchestra and MYWO – NOT Alpha Band, Concert Band or Beta Percussion Ensemble.
  • Second General Meeting – Friday 24 June – this will take place BEFORE the Concert at 7:10 p.m.

Bandstand Concert – Sunday 21 June – Brenchley Gardens Bandstand [next to Maidstone East station]

  • Students to arrive in MYMS concert dress between 2:30-2:45 pm;
  • Concert will start at 3:00; it is likely to be about an hour in length;
  • There is NO PUBLIC PARKING within Brenchley Gardens but there are public car parks nearby;
  • We will keep an eye on the weather but we have held previous ones in the rain by turning the bands round and having the audience sheltering under the trees and umbrellas…..;
  • Please bring folding chairs or blankets to sit on and water for your son or daughter to drink;
  • This is a public concert and we have been granted a public collection licence for donations;
  • There will be no dress rehearsals on the Sunday so attendance at the final full rehearsals on Friday 17 June is really important.

Summer Concert – Friday 24 June – Dress Rehearsals from 4:30; Concert at 7:30 p.m. – Invicta GS

  • Dress rehearsal details are below;
  • After your dress rehearsal(s), students are to arrive in MYMS concert dress in the evening no later than 7:15 pm;
  • All students are to be in the Hall during the concert when not playing;
  • We know that some of you are on school trips on the day of the concert but the coaches are expected to return in time for you to take part in the concert and we therefore look forward to seeing you there.

Schedule for Dress Rehearsals in the Hall on Summer Concert Day [26 June]

3:30 – 4:30  Preparation of Hall. Percussion and Audience Chairs

* MYMS Voices – Can you ALL come as early as possible to help set up the Hall so that we can start your rehearsal promptly at 4:30, please?

4:30        MYMS Voices

5:00        MYWO

5:30        MYO – Youth Orchestra

6:00        Youth Strings

6:35        Orchestra for All

7:05        End of dress rehearsals

7:10        MYMS Second General Meeting

7:30        Concert starts

Concert Dress

MYWO, MYO and Youth Strings

Men: black long-sleeved shirts – sleeves rolled down please, black trousers, socks and shoes, MYMS tie (£12 each – from Richard, MYMS Manager)

Ladies: black sleeved top and trousers, or skirt (knee-length or longer), or similar black dress with plain black tights and black shoes    [MYMS Voices – core choir singers can choose either type of concert dress]


Concert, Alpha and Omega Bands and Orchestra for All

Men: white long-sleeved shirts – sleeves rolled down please, black trousers, socks and shoes, MYMS tie

Ladies: white sleeved top, black trousers or skirt (knee-length or longer), black tights and black shoes

Additional Notes:  I have been asked by staff and the Committee that you make sure that all shoes are BLACK, that tights are plain and that blouses for senior players are black & not see-through.


Second General Meeting – Friday 24 June – 7:10 pm – Invicta GS

Formal notice is given below of the Agenda for this meeting, which will take place before the Summer Concert starts at 7:30 pm.






  1. Welcome from Karen Vincent [MYMS Chair] and Apologies for Absence
  2. To determine the MYMS Membership Subscriptions for 2016-2017 both for individual and family members.

MYMS Website – Please remember to check regularly on for updated news or for other information about future dates or developments.


Recruitment – MYMS now pays £10 to any current member who brings a new member along.  This is paid once the new member pays their own subs for a full year.  Please ask for a form.  Encourage your friends to join MYMS…. New publicity flyers are currently being printed.  Please distribute these on our behalf in the future.


Future dates

MYMS restarts after the summer break on Friday 9 September.  MYMS Voices will start at 4:15 and other rehearsals at 4:45.

Dates are currently being confirmed with Invicta GS but the PROVISIONAL dates for your diaries are:

  • Friday 9 September 2016 – 4:15 – MYMS re-opens
  • Fridays 21 and 28 October 2016 – closed for half term
  • Friday 2 December 2016 – 7:30 – Christmas Concert and MYMS AGM at IGS
  • Friday 24 March 2017 – 7:30 – Spring Concert at IGS
  • Sunday 18 June 2017 – 3:00 – Bandstand Concert in Brenchley Gardens
  • Friday 23 June 2017 – 7:30 – Summer Concert and Second General Meeting at IGS

If you want to discuss any aspect of MYMS’ activities or you wish to get more actively involved yourself, please feel free to contact me – or any of the staff or committee members – on or on 07802-425022.


Yours faithfully

Richard Gretton, MYMS Manager