Friday 9 June 2017 – Room Changes

Invicta GS has an Alumni Event in the Hall and Dining Hall this afternoon. We are hoping that it will be concluded shortly after 4:30 pm.

The temporary room changes are:

* Beta Percussion with Joe Mathers in Practice Room 4;
* on arrival, our ‘green rooms’ for bags and instrument cases will be the two Geography teaching rooms on the main corridor;
* we hope to move back to the Dining Hall later on.

MYMS Voices will be in the Auditorium as usual at 4:15.

Alpha Band will be back in their normal room in the Orchard Block.

MYWO will start as soon as possible after 4:45 in the main Hall. Help in arranging the room – once the Alumni Event has finished – will be much appreciated.

Richard Gretton, MYMS Manager