MYMS Summer Concert – Friday 23 June 2017

1. MYMS Summer Concert – Friday 23 June 2017 – 7:30 p.m. – Invicta Grammar School

I am writing to confirm the arrangements for the above concert.

Friday 23 June 2017 – Summer Concert – [for ALL players] The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. As usual, all families, friends and neighbours are invited to attend. There are no tickets and no admission charge but there will be a raffle on the way in and an opportunity to contribute a donation on the way out.
Refreshments are available before the concert in the entrance hall. For this concert, we are going to continue the experiment of having no interval and running the concert straight through.

Schedule for Dress Rehearsals in the Hall on the Concert Day [23 June]

3:30 – 4:15
Preparation of Hall. Percussion and Audience Chairs
** Any help in setting up is much appreciated.

4:20 – MYMS Voices

4:45 – Orchestra for All

5:10 – MYWO

5:40 – Alpha

6:05 – MYO

6:35 – Youth Strings

7:00 – End of Dress Rehearsals – Audience admitted to main Hall

7:10 – MYMS Second General Meeting

7:30 – Concert starts

[Please ensure that all players arrive in good time so that all the rehearsals start – and finish – promptly.]

Before the Concert – depending on the timings of their dress rehearsal(s), players may need to have a packed tea. PLEASE ask them to eat it in the canteen and NOT one of the school classrooms.

Players need to be back at Invicta in their concert dress by 7:15 p.m. at the latest.

Supervision of Primary-Age Students when NOT in Dress Rehearsals – will the parents of all primary-age students kindly make careful note of the dress rehearsal times that involve their children. We will supervise your children during those times. However, outside those times, we must ask you either to take them home and bring them back for the concert or supervise them on site.

MYMS Raffle – Any donations of raffle prizes would be gratefully received. Please bring them with you on the day of the concert.

Concert Dress
MYWO, MYO and Youth Strings
Men: black long-sleeved shirts – sleeves rolled down please, black trousers, socks and shoes, MYMS tie (£12 each – from Richard, MYMS Manager)
Ladies: black sleeved top and trousers, or skirt (knee-length or longer), or similar black dress with plain black tights and black shoes
[MYMS Voices – core choir singers can choose either of the types of concert dress]
Alpha and Orchestra for All
Men: white long-sleeved shirts – sleeves rolled down please, black trousers, socks and shoes, MYMS tie (£12 each)
Ladies: white sleeved top, black trousers or skirt (knee-length or longer), black tights and black shoes
Additional Notes: I have been asked by staff and the Committee that you make sure that all shoes are BLACK, that tights are not heavily patterned and that blouses for senior players are black and opaque, rather than see-through.

Student attendance at Rehearsals and Concerts – please help us to put on as good a concert as possible by maximising students’ attendance at the dress rehearsals and the concert.

2. MYMS Second General Meeting
Notice is given that the concert will be preceded at 7:10 p.m. by the MYMS Second General Meeting. This will be held in the main Hall at Invicta Grammar School.

The Agenda is:

1. To welcome Elizabeth Rees to her first General Meeting as Chair of MYMS.
2. Apologies for Absence
3. To consider the recommendations of the MYMS Committee for the level of MYMS annual subscriptions in 2017-2018 (a) for individual membership and (b) for family membership; and (c) to amend the threshold date for payment of subscriptions at the discounted rate from 31 October to 30 November 2017.

3. Dates for the new academic year
Friday 8 September 2017 – MYMS restarts for the Autumn Term.
Fridays 20 October and 27 October 2017 – No MYMS for two weeks
Friday 1 December 2017 – Christmas Concert and Annual General Meeting at Invicta GS.

4. Dates for three concerts in 2017-2018
We have agreed the following three concert dates with Invicta GS for the NEXT academic year:
Friday 1 December 2017 – Christmas Concert and Annual General Meeting;
Friday 23 March 2018 – Spring Concert;
Friday 22 June 2018 – Summer Concert and Second General Meeting.

5. Help with Recruitment
Please remember that MYMS pays a £10 ‘reward’ to any current member who introduces a brand new member to MYMS [once that new player has paid their subs]. This applies both to any new instrumentalists but also to friends of yours who sing but don’t play an instrument to join MYMS Voices.

6. Used postage stamps
We are still collecting these for RNIB. Please bring them in for us to send off.

If you want to discuss any aspect of MYMS’ activities or you wish to get more actively involved yourself, please feel free to contact any of us. Our contact details are all on the MYMS website –

Richard Gretton
MYMS Manager